Weather, Blaxland (NSW, Australia)

  Weather Station (Unofficial)  
Blaxland, N.S.W., Australia

  33 44' 37" S ... 150 37' 12" E ... 250M a.s.l.  

Dobbing in an arsonist is not dobbing in a mate.

All times shown on this site are local
and are expressed in a 24-hour format.

Latest Weather Observations

There is a total fire ban in force for all of Sat. 2014 11 01

As from the afternoon of Thursday 2014 10 30 the site has been running on the new server. All seems to be well. It should also be a little faster. Thanks for putting up with any server down time during the change over - though nothing was noticed here.
(2014 10 31)

This data combination is updated at 1 minute intervals.

Local Information
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Software and hardware information.
Basic readings - animated - updated each ten seconds or so.
Maxima & Minima - today and yesterday - updated each fifteen minutes.
A 10 minute log of daily readings - commencing at 09:20 local (approx.) each day.
Graphs for the previous day.*
Graphs for the last two days.*
Graphs for the last three days.*
Graphs for the last seven days.*
Graphs for rain - current year.
* Graphs are based on a 'day' starting and ending at 0900 local time.
Other Information
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Bureau of Meteorology
Latest MSL analysis.
Four day MSL prognosis.
Latest doppler (wind).***
Latest doppler 68Km loop radar.***
Latest 128Km static radar.**
Latest 128Km loop radar.**
Latest 256Km static radar.**
Latest 256Km loop radar.**
Latest 512Km static radar.**
Latest 512Km loop radar.**
Latest national static satellite/radar.
Latest national loop satellite/radar.
Rural Fire Service
Latest TOBAN & FDI.
***Radar images are collected at a point approx. 20Km north from Sydney's CBD.
**Radar images are collected at a point approx. 50Km southwest from Sydney's CBD.
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These (auto-scaling) curves are are refreshed at 15 minute intervals.



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