Weather, Blaxland (NSW, Australia)

  Weather Station (Unofficial)  
Blaxland, N.S.W., Australia

  33 44' 37" S ... 150 37' 12" E ... 250M a.s.l.  

Dobbing in an arsonist is not dobbing in a mate.


All times shown on this site are local
and are expressed in a 24-hour format.

Latest Weather Observations
Notes on changes and problems.

This data combination is uploaded at 1 minute intervals.
It's not automatic, you will need to refresh the page yourself.

Local Information
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Software and hardware information.
Basic readings - animated - updated each ten seconds or so.
Maxima & Minima - today and yesterday - updated each fifteen minutes.
A 10 minute log of daily readings - commencing at 09:20 local (approx.) each day.
Graphs for the previous day.*
Graphs for the last two days.*
Graphs for the last three days.*
Graphs for the last seven days.*
Graphs for rain - current year.
* Graphs are based on a 'day' starting and ending at 0900 local time.
Other Information
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Bureau of Meteorology
Latest MSL analysis.
Four day MSL prognosis.
Latest doppler (wind).***
Latest doppler 68Km loop radar.***
Latest 128Km static radar.**
Latest 128Km loop radar.**
Latest 256Km static radar.**
Latest 256Km loop radar.**
Latest 512Km static radar.**
Latest 512Km loop radar.**
Latest national static satellite/radar.
Latest national loop satellite/radar.
Rural Fire Service
Latest TOBAN & FDI.
***Radar images are collected at a point approx. 20Km north from Sydney's CBD.
**Radar images are collected at a point approx. 50Km southwest from Sydney's CBD.
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These (auto-scaling) curves are are uploaded at 15 minute intervals.



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